Fallout 1: The game

Posted: December 31, 2011 in Games, Nuclear War

War, War never changes

With these famous words the story of Fallout starts. The entire earth has almost been completly devasted in a nuclear war in 2077 which was fought between the USA and China over oil and uranium sources. Those who didn’t die instantly or a slow death of radiation had to survive in a post-nuclear wasteland. Soon they formed new settlements and founded new groups, gangs and tribes. Another group of a lucky few found shelter in several vaults built around the US.

It is 2161 in Southern California and Vault 13’s computer system fails! The vault’s water chip, responsible for pumping and recycling water breaks and it is the protagonists task to find a replacement. You, the Vault Dweller, have 150 in-game days to solve this quest. You can extend it to 250 days by sending merchants to your vault with water. By travelling the world of Fallout you will meet many survivors and explore different places. The possibilities to interact with NPCs are almost endless. You can carry on with side-quests, barter with or recruit NPCs, chose to be good or evil, and of course, there will be some unforseen events 🙂

The game has been released in 1997 and the graphics look like it, but the indepth story and atmosphere makes you look over this fact real quick.


So what kind of guy is this Vault Dweller? Well, that is totally up to you. Fallout has a very strong character building mode. First there are the SPECIAL stats, seven basic character attributes (Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility and Luck ). At the beginning you can allocate a certain amount of points to these attributes, but as your character evolves they will too and add bonuses to your various skills.
There are 18 different skills (big guns, small guns, lock-picking, combat, etc.) to improve. Again, at the start you can decide which are stronger and which weaker. Whether you want to be the one man army using big guns or rather the sneaky martial arts dude. By reading books and magazines about first aid or guns found and bought in the game world you can also gain additional skill points.
To complete character building you can chose some character traits such as the “Small Frame” which improves your agility, on the other hand limits your carrying ability.

And of course, to get you guys into the mood, the trailer. As with all other Fallout Games that followed, the combination between 1950s music and american lifestyle with futuristic technology plus a good dose of black humor totally rocks this post-apocalyptic world.



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  2. John says:

    Hey ,man… You completely forgot about the STALKER series (with Chernobil and such)… They deserve to be here , in this series.

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