Jericho – a small town after nuclear attacks

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Comic Books, Nuclear War, TV Show

The sweet spot to survive a bunch of nuclear explosions in the US seems to be in (fictious, there goes the sweet spot) Jericho, Kansas. Well, at least this is how it happend in the tv show of the same name. One day a mushroom cloud rises over the horizon and cuts of the small town of Jericho from the rest of the world…or what ‘s left of it. People have to take care of things themselves as all communication, infrastructures and supplies break down. This, of course, isn’t an easy thing to achieve and soon there is chaos and rivalry.
Rivalry not only among the citizens of Jericho, but also between other survivors who aren’t that lucky to have a whole intact town to find shelter and supplies.

What I really liked about Jericho is how it showed people’s reactions from being taken out of their security and convenience of modern society into a post-nuclear fight for survival and order.

CBS produced two seasons (22 & 7 episodes) and there is a third season out in…wait for it…comic book form. Who would have thought! You can find the DVDs here and the comic books here!


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