Life After People – Earth Population: 0

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Movies, Simulation, TV Show

In most endtime scenarios most of humanity has fled, is dead or roams the streets as zombies 😉 History Channel’s documentary Life After People doesn’t speculate on what may have caused the human exodus, all they did was to predict/document the impact if humanity disappears all of a sudden. The show is very cleverly done (well they obviusly asked experts and scientists) and it’s prediction starts from one minute to several thousand years after the disappearance. Wheras a prediction of more than 50 to 100 years is not that interesting from a post-apocalyptic point of view the information provided for the first 50 years is great and of massive value.

The makers of Life After People ran through every possible scenario. What will happen to supermarkets, (nuclear) power plants, sewage and subway systems, cities and buildings, pets and other animals? Although the tv show acts on the assumption that there are absolutely no people left, you can adapt it’s predictions to many other post-apocalyptic world scenarios. Actually not all their predictions are based on speculation, quite a few are based on actual events such as the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl.
Back in April 1986 when the reactor exploded the 50.000 citizen city of Pripyat (and an overall of 350.000 people) was evacuated within three days and has been left exposed to weather conditions and without maintenance for over 35 years now. Now this is an involuntarily large scale experiment of what might happen when mankind vanishes.

After the movie was such a success, History Channel aired two more seasons. An absolute must see!

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