Carriers – a viral epidemic

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Disease, Movies

Carrier, a person or organism infected with an infectious disease agent, but displaying no symptoms (Wikipedia)

Time to tackle the topic of a deadly virus today, at least one that doesn’t turn you into an undead flesh-craving zombie. The film Carriers follows four friends (two brothers and their girlfriends) on their journey through the desert to a potential safe place while the civilized world around them comes to an end. A mutated, highly contagious virus has killed vast parts of the population and those infected will die soon. To stay alive our four travellers have established rules and the most important one: The sick are dead! Those infected therefore will be left behind.

This harsh but vital rule naturally leads to conflict between the four survivors as they meet other people on their apocalyptic road trip. As I mentioned earlier, there are no zombies or other monsters in this movie :(… 😉 but what makes this movie so exciting is how that conflict, first subliminal, soon aparent, changes four average students and their behaviour. And knowing this, the term Carrier gets an ambiguous meaning. Apart from that the storyline is quite simple so I won’t go too much into detail.

Spoiler Altert: it is great to watch, but in my opinion even the trailer tells a little too much about the story.


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