The Colony – a simulated apocalypse

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Simulation, Survival, TV Show

Wow, what a busy week. Finally I find some time to write & share about what I stumbled upon last week.

The Colony is a Discovery Channel reality tv show.  The scenario is a virus has whiped out most of Los Angeles’ population leaving 10 volunteers in a post-pandemic  industrial part of the city, close to the L.A. River. They reach an abandoned warehouse (full of useful stuff) where they have to survive for 10 weeks, providing for their own food, water, electricity, security and well-being. During those 10 weeks several events occur such as a marauder attack, trading nomads or help seeking wanderers. So far, so good.

A few aspects I found a little disturbing. It says the people chosen are a spectrum of society, but most of them are highly educated engineers or experienced handymen, a doctor and a nurse are there aswell. The ideas the group comes up with are great and very smart e.g. to sanitize water with ozon produced by a tesla coil or running a generator with a wood gasifier…..”WHAT THE…?” is probably your first thought here and I agree. As smart as the ideas are, as unrealistic are they in most survival situations. So sometimes it drifts off into a mythbuster sort of feel where they just have to build fancy stuff.

Also the attacks by hostile groups seem a little staged. The voice from the off says “The actors are instructed not to harm the survivors, but the survivors don’t know that”…I mean how can you forget your in an experiment when several camera crews are around you 24/7. On the other hand, who knows, people who are living for 10 weeks in these extreme conditions might find it hard to distinguish between a simulation and reality. In many situations the volunteers just lose it and freak out over little things cabin fever style and these seemed quite real.

So all in all, if you can see over the fact that it’s a commercial program which needs a little drama & action, The Colony is good fun to watch. I watched the 10 Episodes of the first season in one week and just ordered the second season. The third one is in the making.

  1. falsl says:


    Got to say I like what you have here. Like the look of it too. I’ve got about a half dozen things to look into now. There goes all my free time…

    Ah but who am I kidding, I’d rather spend it on zombie things anyway!

    Regardless of all that, I really enjoy your work and would like to chat some time over the e-mail path ways if you ever find a spare moment. I’ve been looking for an opionon on some zombie things and you seem to have plenty of that 🙂

    e-mail me at findalittlesilverlining[at]

    best wishes,

    – Noah –

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