The Day After-a movie review

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Movies, Nuclear War

 I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones* 

And I know not why I am blogging so much about nuclear war at the moment 🙂 promise, some other topic coming soon (pls let me know if you want to read something specific)! As mentioned, the film “The Day After” portrays a fictional nuclear war between both cold war super powers, the United States and the Sowjetunion. This exchange of nuclear warheads is the climax of a military escalation in East Germany. For the viewer this conflict only appears in radio and television broadcasts as the film takes place in Kansas. The plot evolves arround several citizens of Lawrence, Kansas, e.g. a farmer & his family, a doctor and a soldier. All those different stories create a before and after scenario with an everyday life at start, the nuclear strike in the middle and the devestating effects of the fallout in the second half. It’s very interesting to see how some people deny the possibility of a nuclear war, to other it just doesn’t seem realistic and again others prepare themselves by fleeing or preparing shelters.
As in “The War Game” the effects of a nuclear strike are graphically shown (blindness, radiation sickness, burns) and although only a movie might be disturbing to some. A warning to what an atomic bomb can cause nonetheless.
“The Day After” also portrays the near future in a post-atomic world; the struggle in hospitals to deal with the casualties, the hopeless task to recultivate fields & farms.

*This famous phrase up top is from Albert Einstein and has been quoted in the film “The Day After”.

  1. henno says:

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