The Horde-a movie review

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Movies, Zombies

So finally it is time for some Zombie action again 🙂 the diehard zombie fans of you out there probably know this one already, but there should be plenty of you who haven’t heard of The Horde yet…mainly because it is a french zombie horror film and only had a limited U.S. theatrical release.

The Horde or should I say “La Horde” 😉 takes place in a social housing complex in Paris in which a drug dealer and his men have hidden. A squad of policemen wants to bust his ass and take him down, but they fail only to find themselves in the villain’s hands. Just before the situation (seemingly) turns out badly for the cops, a new threat appears as corpses start to reanimate and all of a sudden all of Paris is overrun by zombies. Both opponent groups have to put away their hate for each other and work together if they want to make it out of the building alive.

This is a little slim on the plot side, but I found the atmosphere and grim violence quite entertaining. The zombie virus is one of those where dead people come back no matter how they’ve died (so a bite isn’t the only way to turn). Also it is the fast and superstrong kind of zombies and not the real slow ones. Just for those zombie purists who don’t like running zombies 🙂 I enjoyed the movie…what do you think?


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