Dead State: The Zombie Survival RPG

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Games, Zombies

I’ve done it again 🙂 I just backed Dead State, a zombie survival game, on Kickstarter with 15 $ which entitles me to a downloadable copy of the game once it’s finished (Hooray, can’t wait, but backers of to be patient). Dead State will be an RPG set in the fictional town of Splendid, Texas. You and your group of survivors have barricaded in the school of Splendid. You, as the leader of the group, can assign jobs to e.g. fortify the shelter or assign someone as a chef (which leads to a boost of morale because of better food etc.). Eventually you will have to head out to scavenge for supplies.
Interaction between you and NPCs is a key factor during gameplay. In general, the focus of this game is you and the fight for survival in general, not the zombie killing itself. If you have to kill zombies (rest assured it definately will happen), it is going to happen round based which I, as a great fan of Fallout and Jagged Alliance, think is great. A fog of war will add extra moody atmosphere…but why am I talking/writing all this….DoubleBear Productions has made a very informative video

You can make your pledge right here:


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