Dead Island-a “mindblowing” game

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Games, Zombies

In February 2011 a friend showed me “THE” trailer of Dead Island and I was blown away 🙂 this game had to be awesome. Soon more info leaked and I was sure to buy this game as soon as possible. As we all know things never go the way you expect them to go, so instead of September I got it a few weeks ago.

The game takes place on the fictional but nontheless beautiful island of Banoi, a holiday paradise. At the beginning you can choose out of four different characters, each with its own biographies and skills. Once I chose to be “Sam B.”, a one-hit-wonder rap star but quite a tough guy, I woke up in a room of the Royal Palms Resort, only to find the hotel pretty much devestated. On your way out of the building you have a first encounter with zombies, luckily you get rescued by other survivors who’ll take you to the life guard station down at the beach. From there on your mission is pretty clear: find a way out of this zombie apocalypse! To finally get of the island you have to do many quests as the plot evolves.

First, you have to fight your way to a life guard tower which, as a fenced complex, functions as your first home base in the game. Once you clear out the complex, the group of fellow survivors moves in. By talking to them you’ll get assigned to many different quests. There are important quests which will bring the plot forward and side quests which you can do for fun and experience points. Yes! Although a First Person Shooter you can gather XP and deploy them to certain skills.

There are plenty of quests and vary from “find out if  my husband is ok” to “gather supplies and gas at this gas station” over to “finish an SOS sign made out of suitcases on a hill”….does sound a little like “go out, kill zombies and bring something back” to you? You’re right, and I must admit I skipped a few side quests during the end of the game, but hey, still a great game 🙂

And here’s another reason why: how many ways to kill a zombie? Well Dead Island covers quite a lot. You can use many different things as weapons: baseball bats, hammers, iron rods, knives, broomsticks, paddles. Of course there are axes, machetes, sickles, shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, grenades, molotovs. You can crush skulls, amputate limbs, set them on fire, blow’em up, throw knives at them, run them over with a car….you can even (neat little detail) get the special skill to stomp on a zombie’s head once you brought him down.

You better be careful and take care of your weapons though…ammo is scarce (at least at the beginning) and your melee weapons wear down after bashing to many heads. Luckily you can repair or even mod/upgrade your weapons at a workbench. Now here’s a little detail which I didn’t like. Out in the zombie world one can gather many usefull things e.g. duct tape, batteries etc. You can also gather money….and with this money you go to a workbench and repair your items…”WHAT???” – Yes! You don’t see anybody walking around in Fallout repairing at a workbench with money, unless there is a person who fixes it for you.
While we’re at it, I don’t like the way you can restore health in Dead Island. There are medkits of course, which is fine, but more often you heal yourself by drinking energydrinks or eating fruits…I mean “Come on!” The only unrealistic thing in a zombie game should be the zombie apocalypse, everything else should fairly realistic.

Apart from the last two mentioned details Dead Island still kicks ass! The successor Dead Island: Riptide is already announced, where it will take place or any other details isn’t out yet.

If you haven’t seen anything yet, watch the famous trailer now!

  1. Rivet says:

    I’ve got a copy, but really haven’t had the time to give a good go. Thanks for the review. 🙂

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