About the post-apocalyptic blog

I am very interested in the idea or the possibility that at one point in humanity an event might take place which will alter the future of mankind. Whether it is something manmade like a nuclear war, a natural disaster or a disease. I would like to write and discuss with you what this event could be, what the world after it might look like and how (if there are any) the survivors cope with it.

Including to this general discussion about a post-apocalyptic world I would like to present media such as books, movies, other blogs and games that deal with this subject and let you either prepare for a certain scenario or maybe just entertain you. After all, nobody knows if or when the shit is about to hit the fan 🙂

Also I will provide links with further background info or where to find media/items of interest.

    • Hitarth says:

      Hay man, really cool blog just read it …i have been interested in this stuff for a long time, i just made a short trailer for it , i am trying to get it out ..if you don’t mind i can just send the link we are trying to get it out this month…may be a party too so just let me know and u can come if u want we are based in LA

      • Hey bro,

        thanks, I appreciate it…I have so many topics, books, movies I’d love to write about…however I don’t have the time and as you can see by the last post haven’t written anything in a looong while…Also thank you very much for the invite 🙂 sounds cool and would love to come to the party…I’m in Germany right now though :/

  1. Very cool blog you have here. Post apocalyptic stuff has always been some of my favorites as well! I thought I was mostly on my own until recently. Gonna check out the postapoc.net as well. Thanks for being here and giving me cool stuff to read!

    • Hey Don,
      no, thank you! for reading my stuff 🙂 I thought the same and I realised there are quite a few of us out there. As my blog grows I’ll link to more pages I find.
      Thanks again for your feedback, glad you enjoy it!

  2. KM Telford says:


    Do you review books? If so, I can provide you with a copy of my post-apocalyptic book, released last November for Kindle and in paperback.

    See: ellacross.com for more info.

    The book is called SILVER: Acheron (A River of Pain)

  3. Benji Johnson says:

    Awesome PA blog!
    I just recently got into the whole PA scene, and now I’m a big fan of the PA genre! I set up my gmail allert for all things PA and I came acrosst this! http://tumblrtoons.tumblr.com/post/17269179657/after-man-we-will-be-here-epilogue-janovsky Looks pretty cool! I’m not sure if it’s out yet or whatt, but maybe if you find out let meknow! Maybe it a new cartoon or comic? Love the style!

  4. Benji Johnson says:

    Cool! Thanks! If you like it too, you should post it up!!! 😀

  5. Colby says:

    Here’s something that fellow post-apocalyptic peeps will appreciate… take a look at this watch design!


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