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So after reviewing the comic books and tv show of “The Walking Dead” now it is time to mention something about the spanking new computer game by Telltale Games. It is an adventure game set in the zombie apocalypse of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.

You get to play as Lee Everett, who’s about to serve his sentence in a Georgia prison outside Atlanta. When the cop hit’s a zombie prison all of a sudden is not a big deal anymore. Now it is time to talk to & rescue people, make the right decisions, smack some zombies in the head with a hammer (or a screwdriver, or an axe, or a car, or….) and solve the occasional puzzle. This will happen over 5 episodes, from which at this time you can play the first straight away. The other four will be available to you on a monthly basis.

So what’s my opinion on this? Hmm, I am not completly satisfied so far, but on the other side it was only the first episode I played. I like the idea of a zombie adventure game and some features were quite nice, but I am expecting more in the next four episodes to make it worth my 25 bucks.


The Walking Dead

Posted: January 7, 2012 in Comic Books, TV Show, Zombies

Many of you probably know that the zombie tv show The Walking Dead is based on comic books created by Robert Kirkman. Since my childhood I haven’t read a comic book, but I got to say The Walking Dead hooked me back up again. They are very well written and illustrated and the reader find’s himself in the middle of a full blown zombie apocalypse. The tv show is equally well done. The effects and costumes are extraordinary and can compete or even exceed most zombie films! The episodes taking place in apocalyptic Atlanta are just great and I watched them many times!

As the tv show the comic book series tells the story of police officer Rick Grimes who awakens in a hospital after being shot in action. The hospital seems to be deserted until he finds a heavily locked door. While investigating something from the inside tries to pry open the door, moaning and scratching. Rick makes a run for it after his first encounter with the living dead just to find out that most of the population of his home town is either dead or a zombie. He goes straight for his house and realises that his wife and son are gone. Missing photos and family albums indicate they fled the town, leaving Rick a glimpse of hope that they are still alive. He sets out for Atlanta to search for them.

Although a lot of the plot is similiar the producers of the tv show have changed bits and pieces which makes me wonder how the Season Two will continue. Most of them aren’t major changes, but still fun to watch and spot the difference to the comic books. I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t read or watched anything of The Walking Dead yet so enjoy the trailer and remember; the comic books are a must read!

The sweet spot to survive a bunch of nuclear explosions in the US seems to be in (fictious, there goes the sweet spot) Jericho, Kansas. Well, at least this is how it happend in the tv show of the same name. One day a mushroom cloud rises over the horizon and cuts of the small town of Jericho from the rest of the world…or what ‘s left of it. People have to take care of things themselves as all communication, infrastructures and supplies break down. This, of course, isn’t an easy thing to achieve and soon there is chaos and rivalry.
Rivalry not only among the citizens of Jericho, but also between other survivors who aren’t that lucky to have a whole intact town to find shelter and supplies.

What I really liked about Jericho is how it showed people’s reactions from being taken out of their security and convenience of modern society into a post-nuclear fight for survival and order.

CBS produced two seasons (22 & 7 episodes) and there is a third season out in…wait for it…comic book form. Who would have thought! You can find the DVDs here and the comic books here!