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Last Light – Enter the Metro is a moody short film following the post-nuclear scenario of the game Metro: Last Light which should appear 2013. Metro: Last Light will be the long anticipated sequel to Metro 2033 which was released in 2010. I got Metro 2033 on my list for a blogpost itself, so stay tuned 🙂


I have been awefully busy in the past few weeks but I experienced some post apocalyptic media during these weeks which I have to share. One of the stuff was a movie called “The Day of the Triffids” (2009) and it was to be honest with you not too bad, but not too good either. In this case I’d still recommend it as a nice Sunday Sober-up Entertainment 🙂

In the near future huge farms of so called Triffids have saved the earth from global warming, as the plant’s oil provides a renewable source of energy instead of using fossil fuels. The slight disadvantage of growing millions of Triffids world wide is they are extremely aggressive, poisonous, carnivorous and can move….”Wait a second! They can move?”…yes they can bei somehow “walking” on their roots, oh and they communicate aswell. But don’t worry, they are safely tucked away in heavily guarded greenhouses…oh wait, not that heavily guarded as one day some kind of weird activist gains access to mess around with the plantation.
By pure coincidence a massive solar flare occurs the same day. All those people who look up the sky in excited anticipation of beautiful aurora borealis are blinded by a bright flash. Only a few people who had luck and didn’t look straight into the light are spared from this horrible fait and from now on are called as “sighted”.

One of them is the weird activist. Not among them: the guards in the plantation. Of course the Triffids escape and start feeding on the easiest available prey: blind humans (and sighted ones who are stupid enough to get eaten by giant orchids 🙂 ). Actually when I write down this stuff it seems like a cheap flick…still I had fun watching it. It has a nice post-apocalyptic setting and marauding gang leaders claiming to be king of the wasteland, a scientist and his crew who try to defeat both threats: the gang and the triffids. See for yourself!

This is the 1962 trailer 🙂 I still got to see that one. I love these old movies, especially the narrators in the trailers 😀

Oh and FYI: no, the solar storm doesn’t cause a power failure in this scenario!

Although many of you have seen this animated short already, I would say it is never too late to promote this awesome film. Enjoy a highspeed race through the ruins of a post-apocalyptic universe.

Last night I watched the film The Quiet Earth, a 1985 apocalyptic classic. It’s about a scientist named Zac Hobson who wakes up one morning only to find out he is the last person on earth. Everybody else has mysteriously disappeared, seemingly in a blink of an eye. While realising and investigating his fate Zac comes across a crashed plane…of course with no passengers in it, but all the seatbelts are securely fastend. This may remind some of you of “Life After People – Population Zero”….oh wait….Population One 🙂 Zac soon realises this “effect” has something to do with the (large scale world wide) experiment he has been working on…and that he is not alone after all. And all survivors have something morbid in common.

It was quite entertaining to watch, but definately not one of the best post-apocalyptic movies I have ever seen. Spoiler Alert! If you don’t want to watch the whole film because you don’t have 2 hours for it just watch the trailer 😀

The Horde-a movie review

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Movies, Zombies

So finally it is time for some Zombie action again 🙂 the diehard zombie fans of you out there probably know this one already, but there should be plenty of you who haven’t heard of The Horde yet…mainly because it is a french zombie horror film and only had a limited U.S. theatrical release.

The Horde or should I say “La Horde” 😉 takes place in a social housing complex in Paris in which a drug dealer and his men have hidden. A squad of policemen wants to bust his ass and take him down, but they fail only to find themselves in the villain’s hands. Just before the situation (seemingly) turns out badly for the cops, a new threat appears as corpses start to reanimate and all of a sudden all of Paris is overrun by zombies. Both opponent groups have to put away their hate for each other and work together if they want to make it out of the building alive.

This is a little slim on the plot side, but I found the atmosphere and grim violence quite entertaining. The zombie virus is one of those where dead people come back no matter how they’ve died (so a bite isn’t the only way to turn). Also it is the fast and superstrong kind of zombies and not the real slow ones. Just for those zombie purists who don’t like running zombies 🙂 I enjoyed the movie…what do you think?

The Day After-a movie review

Posted: February 21, 2012 in Movies, Nuclear War

 I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones* 

And I know not why I am blogging so much about nuclear war at the moment 🙂 promise, some other topic coming soon (pls let me know if you want to read something specific)! As mentioned, the film “The Day After” portrays a fictional nuclear war between both cold war super powers, the United States and the Sowjetunion. This exchange of nuclear warheads is the climax of a military escalation in East Germany. For the viewer this conflict only appears in radio and television broadcasts as the film takes place in Kansas. The plot evolves arround several citizens of Lawrence, Kansas, e.g. a farmer & his family, a doctor and a soldier. All those different stories create a before and after scenario with an everyday life at start, the nuclear strike in the middle and the devestating effects of the fallout in the second half. It’s very interesting to see how some people deny the possibility of a nuclear war, to other it just doesn’t seem realistic and again others prepare themselves by fleeing or preparing shelters.
As in “The War Game” the effects of a nuclear strike are graphically shown (blindness, radiation sickness, burns) and although only a movie might be disturbing to some. A warning to what an atomic bomb can cause nonetheless.
“The Day After” also portrays the near future in a post-atomic world; the struggle in hospitals to deal with the casualties, the hopeless task to recultivate fields & farms.

*This famous phrase up top is from Albert Einstein and has been quoted in the film “The Day After”.

The movie Contagion rather deals with the events during an outbreak of a highly contagious virus than with the long term aftermath of it. Which doesn’t make it less thrilling. Actually, you could call it a medical thriller.

First it appears that Elisabeth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow) has got a normal cold returning from a business trip from Hong Kong to Minneapolis. To no surprise her son soon shows the same symptoms as Beth. Two days after her arrival Beth’s condition has become worse and she collapses with severe seizures. Her husband Mitch (Matt Damon) takes her to the ER but it’s too late. Beth is the first victim on american soil…and not the last (the latest number mentioned in the film is 26 million deaths).

While Mitch’s perspective shows the situation of the people in the surburbs and streets, the perspective of Dr. Ellis Cheever (Lawrence Fishburne) from the CDC shows the hunt for the virus and a vaccine. The virus naturally doesn’t differentiate between people and so Cheever’s colleague Dr. Erin Mears (Kate Winslet) eventuelly gets infected.
There are some side plots e.g. about the blogger Alan Krumwiede (Jude Law) who pretends his own infection and miraculous cure by using a homeopathic drug to boost it’s sales numbers. I don’t want to go into detail there.

While I found the side plots sometimes a little too much, the main plot about the rapidly ravaging virus outbreak and how civilisation responds to it has been greatly done.

Checkout the Trailer, makes you want to go for more.

Carriers – a viral epidemic

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Disease, Movies

Carrier, a person or organism infected with an infectious disease agent, but displaying no symptoms (Wikipedia)

Time to tackle the topic of a deadly virus today, at least one that doesn’t turn you into an undead flesh-craving zombie. The film Carriers follows four friends (two brothers and their girlfriends) on their journey through the desert to a potential safe place while the civilized world around them comes to an end. A mutated, highly contagious virus has killed vast parts of the population and those infected will die soon. To stay alive our four travellers have established rules and the most important one: The sick are dead! Those infected therefore will be left behind.

This harsh but vital rule naturally leads to conflict between the four survivors as they meet other people on their apocalyptic road trip. As I mentioned earlier, there are no zombies or other monsters in this movie :(… 😉 but what makes this movie so exciting is how that conflict, first subliminal, soon aparent, changes four average students and their behaviour. And knowing this, the term Carrier gets an ambiguous meaning. Apart from that the storyline is quite simple so I won’t go too much into detail.

Spoiler Altert: it is great to watch, but in my opinion even the trailer tells a little too much about the story.

In most endtime scenarios most of humanity has fled, is dead or roams the streets as zombies 😉 History Channel’s documentary Life After People doesn’t speculate on what may have caused the human exodus, all they did was to predict/document the impact if humanity disappears all of a sudden. The show is very cleverly done (well they obviusly asked experts and scientists) and it’s prediction starts from one minute to several thousand years after the disappearance. Wheras a prediction of more than 50 to 100 years is not that interesting from a post-apocalyptic point of view the information provided for the first 50 years is great and of massive value.

The makers of Life After People ran through every possible scenario. What will happen to supermarkets, (nuclear) power plants, sewage and subway systems, cities and buildings, pets and other animals? Although the tv show acts on the assumption that there are absolutely no people left, you can adapt it’s predictions to many other post-apocalyptic world scenarios. Actually not all their predictions are based on speculation, quite a few are based on actual events such as the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl.
Back in April 1986 when the reactor exploded the 50.000 citizen city of Pripyat (and an overall of 350.000 people) was evacuated within three days and has been left exposed to weather conditions and without maintenance for over 35 years now. Now this is an involuntarily large scale experiment of what might happen when mankind vanishes.

After the movie was such a success, History Channel aired two more seasons. An absolute must see!

The Road: a movie review

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Movies, Natural Catastrophe

I would like to start my very first (real) blogpost with a movie that has deeply impressed me. Although most of the time the film is calmly told it grips your attention and doesn’t let got till the end.

The Road takes place in a dark, cold and depressing post apocalyptic america. What event has caused this catastrophe remains unknown. It tells the story of survival of a nameless father (Viggo Mortensen) and his son. After using up all their rations they are forced to leave their home and to make it in a cruel and merciless world. Apart from the well created scenario and it’s tense & hopeless atmosphere, the conversion from a regular guy to a merciless habitant of a post apocalyptic world is what makes this movie extraordinary.
Of course there are some more twists in the story plus some gruesome details, but I don’t want to spoil anything 🙂 Checkout the trailer to see more!

You have seen this movie already? What do you think about it?