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I only started researching on the whole Katrina situation and the anarchy that followed in the wake of the hurricane, but found a documentary already worth sharing. Since this is my first post on a real event I would like to remind everybody (including me)…this is real! People got injured or died, lost their homes or loved ones. No fiction. I don’t wish any of that to happen or to be disrespectful. On the contrary as you will see watching the BBC documentary about prisoners left behind locked up in New Orleans’ prisons.

While everybody tries to get out of the city New Orleans prisoners aren’t part of any evacuation plan. Some don’t even know a hurricane is about to hit New Orleans with full force. Soon enough the water levels are rising and the ground floors are flooded. In a haste prison guards lock up up to 8 inmates in cells laid-out for two. With failing electricity and backup generators obtaining control over the paniced prisoners and providing supplies becomes impossible. Some electric doors jam and seal off some cells permanently, meaning no fresh water or any food, no hygiene, medication or knowledge of rescue for several days. Other prisoners can free themselves and start to riot, revive gang wars or simply to breakout from the deathtrap.

On the outside civilians seek shelter near or at the prisons on elevated & reinforced structures. In one case it is virtually one remaining door seperating rioting prisoners from shelter seeking people, which luckily hold.

Some people might even say (like one prison warden): “They are criminals, it is their fault they were in prison the time Katrina hit New Orelans”. Please remember no one is guilty unless proven so. Many of the prisoners were either just arrested or there to serve a short sentence in New Orleans parish prison. a) In my point no one deserves to live through an event like this and b) the nightmare didn’t end after final evacuation. Since evidence, IDs or charges were destroyed some were imprisoned over 200 instead of 7 days, although not in water flooded prisons but in prisons flooded with inmates (5000 instead of 2000).

This documentary is a shocking account of one certain aspect of Katrina’s aftermath.

There is also a book of the same name, “Prisoners of Katrina”, which I haven’t read yet…but it’s ordered already.


Many people prepare themselves for a SHTF-event by stocking up on supplies, planning escape routes and building a bug out location, but what plans has the government for instance in the event of a terrorist attack on Washington D.C.. A very interesting documentary on National Geographic just shows you what the U.S.-government has in mind for such a doomsday event. It shows the history of the doomsday plans, how they are being adjusted to new threats and how they worked in real events e.g. 9/11. Great thing, you can watch it for free on National Geographic.

American Doomsday

The Road: a movie review

Posted: December 30, 2011 in Movies, Natural Catastrophe

I would like to start my very first (real) blogpost with a movie that has deeply impressed me. Although most of the time the film is calmly told it grips your attention and doesn’t let got till the end.

The Road takes place in a dark, cold and depressing post apocalyptic america. What event has caused this catastrophe remains unknown. It tells the story of survival of a nameless father (Viggo Mortensen) and his son. After using up all their rations they are forced to leave their home and to make it in a cruel and merciless world. Apart from the well created scenario and it’s tense & hopeless atmosphere, the conversion from a regular guy to a merciless habitant of a post apocalyptic world is what makes this movie extraordinary.
Of course there are some more twists in the story plus some gruesome details, but I don’t want to spoil anything 🙂 Checkout the trailer to see more!

You have seen this movie already? What do you think about it?