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This is one of a hilarious South Park episode…for those who like South Park of course, as it’s humor is not something for everyone 🙂 It is a parody on George A. Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead, only where they replaced the zombies with homeless people asking for “Chaaaaange” 🙂 watch it for free


Now that I watched most of all the episodes of the survival shows I wrote about a few months ago (A quick review of 5 survival shows), except Bear Grylls and Malcom Douglas (can’t stand Bear Grylls and can’t find Malcom Douglas 😦 ), I’ve been looking out for new stuff and found a great show. There are three seasons and two concepts behind this show.

In the first season, The Alaska Experiment, four groups were dropped off in the Alaskan wilderness with directions to their individual shelters, each a day trip away. Their goal is to survive 90 days totally on their own with little supplies found in the shelters and winter about to set in. The supplies are some basic tools, a wood stove, canning utilities to preserve food and some food rations (which won’t provide any fat or protein). So they have to improve their shelters, cut firewood and most importantly hunt & gather food (Since they all are mostly city slickers they do get a basic training in how to fire a rifle and gut an anima)l. Of course this ain’t easy and there are many obstacles: rough terrain, bears, wolfs, storms, illnesses, end of the salmon run etc.

The second season is called Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment in which 9 people have to find their way “out of the wild”. It is a month long journey through rough landscape, again with winter setting in, from shelter to shelter. The shelters vary from full blown hunting huts equipped with some food and firewood to a pile of rocks or an airplane wreck offering minimum protection. During those stays again they have to hunt for food, fish or gather berries. While the groups in the first season had a fixed location and the opportunitiy to settle in, this team is always on the move, but with the same tasks. Soon the exhaustion is taking it’s toll and more volunteers bail out, pushing the button on their emergency gps beacon which summons a rescue helicopter to evacuate them.
The journey by the way begins with a drop off at a pile of stuff, some things more useful than others and it is key to pick the right amount of items, because everthing has to be carried.

Those are the two different concepts and both are very interesting to watch! I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the third season, but those were already very promising. This time it’s Out of the Wild: Venezuela, again nine volunteers who’ll have to work as a team to get out of the jungle.

Checkout a little sneak peak on youtube

Some folks out there aren’t just interested in post-apocalyptic events for the joy e.g. a great zombie movie brings. There is a growing community of those who prepare (thus named “Preppers” ) for unforseeable events of a devastating scale that might change everything from society to government, from consumerism to self-reliance, from order to anarchy. National Geographic is as always providing us with an interesting show called “Doomsday Preppers”. In each show they present three to four different preppers (or prepping families), their propable doomsday event and their strategy against it. At the end of each chapter “the experts” evaluate their preparations and suggest improvements.

In lots of cases it is quite impressive how creative they tackled the idea of prepping, whether it is concerning storage, producing food, fortification or training. In many cases though I thought (and the doomsday experts too) their chosen doomsday event is unlikely to happen…like ashes of a super vulcano suffocating New York etc. I don’t know for sure, but I always had the impression National Geographic “forced” them to commit to a certain event. I think most of them were prepping for several events and if it’s just the next snow storming threatening to take out the power for 5 days. Well, this is the feeling I get reading survivalist blogs.
I also found some background info which states Nat Geo cut the sequences in a way to make the Preppers look extremly nutty. Well this is television and they want their audience & viewing rate. Everybody knows what they get into messing with commercial tv.

So if you wonder now “Should I prep???” here is my opinion on the whole topic (and here the CDC’s opinion). I personally think being prepared is a good thing in general, but you always have to decide to which extend you feel happy with it. I don’t prep, but after digging into this topic and thinking back to events that happend in the past (my area had a snowstorm and power failiure for 5 days a few years ago), I do take care that I have supplies for two weeks in my flat (food, meds, tools, water, candles) and I am happy with it. Once you have this stockpile it is easy to maintain and if something happens you are prepared (am I a Prepper or what? 😉 ), but I think letting my whole life rotate around a scenario that is not too likely to happen would be too much. I enjoy seeing friends, going out and being self-employed takes a lot of my creativity & energy and I enjoy that 🙂 Now enough with this philosophical talk…enjoy the trailer!

The Nerdist Channel

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I am really looking forward to the second of April…”what’s gonna happen then?” you may ask…”the end of the world?”… Maybe, I don’t know, but what I know is a new YouTube channel will come to life. It is called The Nerdist and although not all topics will probably be Post-apocalyptic this little teaser looks promising 🙂

I just saw the german tv show “Quarks & Co” (don’t laugh at the title 😉 ) which always is very informative. This time it delt with the german/european power grid and it’s challenges for the upcoming years. Very interesting was the part where they hypothetically showed the effects of a Germany wide blackout. Since it is in german I would like to translate the facts*.

It could be a normal day when all of a sudden everything turns silent; no phones ringing, no public announcements, no vacuum cleaner, no tvs etc…then from silent to dark. No traffic lights, no trains and no elevators. Dozens of people get injured in traffic accidents, thousands of people trapped in trains, subways and elevators.

The landline would fail immediately. Without electricity no computer or server is able to run, hence no email, no google, no twitter and no world wide web. The cell phones might continue to work for a few hours as the  radio towers have backup generators but soon they would be on overload. Shortly after a major blackout all communication would fail. No phone, no internet, no emergency calls.

All over Germany only 15(!) out of 14.000 gas stations have a backup generator so a power failure means no fuel immediatly. First trams & trains would stop and without fuel cars, buses and trucks. Our society would be immobilized within few days.

Due to lack of power cooling systems in supermarkets will shut down and deep frozen & fresh food will perish very soon. Some goods will be sold at discounted prizes and in general people will have the tendency to buy large amounts of supplies. This is a huge problem since cash registers and ATMs won’t work. The long queues and frustration will leed to an aggressive tension.

After 24h without electricity the functional capability of Germany’s health care system is considerably affected. Hospitals may be able to provide a certain amount of help due to their emergency generators, but  retirement homes and medical practices are forced to close or evacuate.  The blackout will also cause a shortage in pharmaceutical supplies such as medication, insulin, blood preservations etc.

No electricity also means no productivity. Assembly lines, machinery, whole factories…everything will be still. While this means immediate breakdown of our carefully scheduled just-in-time production it will also mean painful death to thousands of  farm animals. Thousands of dairy cows that can’t get milked, thousands of pigs & chickens that will suffocate or starve. Most animals wouldn’t survive a power failure of more than 48 hours.

Since water works and water treatment plants need electricity our water supply would dry up. Personal hygiene & preparation of food is only possible on a smaller scale. Soon hygienic state of things would become worse. Human waste removal and clean clothing are not warranted anymore. Some skyscrapers and appartment blocks need to be evacuated because of danger of epidemics, which results in a lack of emergency accomodations.

People would try to heat their appartments with camping stoves, cook a meal on them or use candles for light. This means a higher risk of  fires, which once out of control are almost impossible to extinguish. No water supply might mean to leave fires to themselves and to watch & burn.

While the situation in the cities escalates the clock is ticking for a way bigger catastrophe. Due to the blackout cooling & controlling systems of nuclear power plants and other industrial complexes would fail. Without permanent cooling reactors might overheat and eventually melt. Within a week a nuclear catastrophe is to be expected.

As a result of all above mentioned a civil unrest and chaos are imminent. In some places it might lead to more cooperation and helpfulness among people, but somewhere else people would get more ruthless and aggressive.
A major blackout would not only engulf Germany, it would also mean a threat to it’s society.

*Sorry I might have switched tense a lot 🙂 Not a native speaker.

While researching on my post about “The War Game” I came across this wonderful piece of cold war history. It is an animated shortfilm about what Fallout is and how to protect yourself against it. While the information provided might actually be somewhat useful in case of a reactor accident (e.g. Fukushima), it is also fun to watch as the harms of nuclear fallout are smiled away by an animated person and the encouraging voice of a typical 50’s narrator (they don’t make these anymore do they?).

This coud be the way the last two minutes of peace in Britian would look!

Someone recently recommended I should checkout the BBC documentary “The War Game” and so I did last night. As we all know during the Cold War nuclear conflict was an imminent danger and so Peter Watkins decided to hypothetically nuke the british city of Rochester. The film was made as a fictional news report and shows a little of the preparation against a nuclear strike. More important it shows the effects of a nuclear strike to structures and people during and after it happend. Although everything is fictional “The War Game” is so well made I found it very interesting and also a little upsetting. Check it out on Google Video*

*no liability taken for the link and it’s content!

Many people prepare themselves for a SHTF-event by stocking up on supplies, planning escape routes and building a bug out location, but what plans has the government for instance in the event of a terrorist attack on Washington D.C.. A very interesting documentary on National Geographic just shows you what the U.S.-government has in mind for such a doomsday event. It shows the history of the doomsday plans, how they are being adjusted to new threats and how they worked in real events e.g. 9/11. Great thing, you can watch it for free on National Geographic.

American Doomsday

Wow, what a busy week. Finally I find some time to write & share about what I stumbled upon last week.

The Colony is a Discovery Channel reality tv show.  The scenario is a virus has whiped out most of Los Angeles’ population leaving 10 volunteers in a post-pandemic  industrial part of the city, close to the L.A. River. They reach an abandoned warehouse (full of useful stuff) where they have to survive for 10 weeks, providing for their own food, water, electricity, security and well-being. During those 10 weeks several events occur such as a marauder attack, trading nomads or help seeking wanderers. So far, so good.

A few aspects I found a little disturbing. It says the people chosen are a spectrum of society, but most of them are highly educated engineers or experienced handymen, a doctor and a nurse are there aswell. The ideas the group comes up with are great and very smart e.g. to sanitize water with ozon produced by a tesla coil or running a generator with a wood gasifier…..”WHAT THE…?” is probably your first thought here and I agree. As smart as the ideas are, as unrealistic are they in most survival situations. So sometimes it drifts off into a mythbuster sort of feel where they just have to build fancy stuff.

Also the attacks by hostile groups seem a little staged. The voice from the off says “The actors are instructed not to harm the survivors, but the survivors don’t know that”…I mean how can you forget your in an experiment when several camera crews are around you 24/7. On the other hand, who knows, people who are living for 10 weeks in these extreme conditions might find it hard to distinguish between a simulation and reality. In many situations the volunteers just lose it and freak out over little things cabin fever style and these seemed quite real.

So all in all, if you can see over the fact that it’s a commercial program which needs a little drama & action, The Colony is good fun to watch. I watched the 10 Episodes of the first season in one week and just ordered the second season. The third one is in the making.

Survival shows have become very popular in the past few years and although some are quite dramatized you can actually get some valuable information out of them.

Survivorman is one of my favourites because I regard it as a very authentic survival show. While other shows have a camera crew, Les Stroud puts himself into survival situations without one, all the filming is done by himself. The scenarios he tackles are very realistic such as a winter plane crash, a broken down motorcycle in the desert or a day hike gone wrong. He has to survive 7 days before being rescued. With each scenario he’s provided with little supplies you would find in this situation e.g. a motorcycle to salvage.  A must see survival show!

In The Bush with Malcom Douglas is definately one of my favourite and the first survival show I have been watching. Malcolm Douglas (R.I.P.) used to be an Aussie by heart and wildlife documentary film maker, producing films for over 30 years. In his show he didn’t only show Australia’s magnificent flora & fauna, but also would teach you a whole bunch of survival techniques e.g. how to gain water from plants in arid areas, free your bogged down car or prepare “bush tucker” (food) the aboriginal way. Sometimes he goes fishing a lot 🙂 but the information is very valuable and Malcolm Douglas is a must see!

Man VS Wild (Born Survivor in the UK) is definately not one of my favourites and many will say “Whaaaat, Bear Grylls’ awesome?”. Here’s why: Bear Grylls has a lot of knowledge about survival and probably is quite a tough guy being ex-SAS, but apparently rather sleeps in luxury hotels with Wi-Fi and Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast than in his makeshift accommodations (read the full story here). So while the tips and techniques can be adopted in real survival situations it’s lack of authenticity leaves a very bitter taste.

Dual Survival is about two survival experts Dave & Cody. They give a strange survival couple as Dave is the military-expert kinda guy and Cody the minimalist/primitive skills expert. This provides on one hand side two perspectives on one survival situation, on the other side their different opinions and their nagging about can be annoying sometimes. Still nice to watch.

Man Woman Wild is about a real couple in survival situations and I am not quite sure what to think of it. Myke Hawke is former Special Forces and a tough guy while his wife Ruth is a TV journalist and…well not as tough. I have only seen three episodes on Discovery Channel so far and actually enjoyed watching it. Having someone in a survival show who’s not used to eating worms or embryo birds brings a new touch, but sometimes is a bit too much female attitude (don’t get me wrong, women can be tougher than men).

If you have a show you can recommend or a different opinion just drop me a comment. There are more shows out there and I want to know about them and share that info 🙂