Out of the Wild: A survival show

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Survival, TV Show

Now that I watched most of all the episodes of the survival shows I wrote about a few months ago (A quick review of 5 survival shows), except Bear Grylls and Malcom Douglas (can’t stand Bear Grylls and can’t find Malcom Douglas 😦 ), I’ve been looking out for new stuff and found a great show. There are three seasons and two concepts behind this show.

In the first season, The Alaska Experiment, four groups were dropped off in the Alaskan wilderness with directions to their individual shelters, each a day trip away. Their goal is to survive 90 days totally on their own with little supplies found in the shelters and winter about to set in. The supplies are some basic tools, a wood stove, canning utilities to preserve food and some food rations (which won’t provide any fat or protein). So they have to improve their shelters, cut firewood and most importantly hunt & gather food (Since they all are mostly city slickers they do get a basic training in how to fire a rifle and gut an anima)l. Of course this ain’t easy and there are many obstacles: rough terrain, bears, wolfs, storms, illnesses, end of the salmon run etc.

The second season is called Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment in which 9 people have to find their way “out of the wild”. It is a month long journey through rough landscape, again with winter setting in, from shelter to shelter. The shelters vary from full blown hunting huts equipped with some food and firewood to a pile of rocks or an airplane wreck offering minimum protection. During those stays again they have to hunt for food, fish or gather berries. While the groups in the first season had a fixed location and the opportunitiy to settle in, this team is always on the move, but with the same tasks. Soon the exhaustion is taking it’s toll and more volunteers bail out, pushing the button on their emergency gps beacon which summons a rescue helicopter to evacuate them.
The journey by the way begins with a drop off at a pile of stuff, some things more useful than others and it is key to pick the right amount of items, because everthing has to be carried.

Those are the two different concepts and both are very interesting to watch! I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the third season, but those were already very promising. This time it’s Out of the Wild: Venezuela, again nine volunteers who’ll have to work as a team to get out of the jungle.

Checkout a little sneak peak on youtube

  1. Daniel says:

    I loved Malcom Douglas growing up! It’s a shame you can’t find any of his stuff. I had a look and you can watch some of his clips on Youtube. It’s all Australian survival I think so it might only work if you live down under (like I do). Thanks for the great post

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