This is one of a hilarious South Park episode…for those who like South Park of course, as it’s humor is not something for everyone ๐Ÿ™‚ย It is a parody on George A. Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead, only where they replaced the zombies with homeless people asking for “Chaaaaange” ๐Ÿ™‚ watch it for free


Zombies among us

Posted: August 7, 2012 in Simulation, Zombies

Haha, just a quick youtube video “about” whether zombies could be living among us ๐Ÿ™‚ a New York City experiment

Geez, the zombie apocalypse is tough shit…how do I know? … I’ve been there, and died…quite often actually. If you want to find out yourself how tough surviving the zombie apocalypse is you need to get the free mod for Armed Assault2: Combined Operations called “DayZ”. Yes, it’s free (if you already own ArmA2 + Arma2: Operation Arrowhead= ArmA2: Combined Operations).

You’ll start the game somewhere along the coast of fictional Chernanus, 225 kmยฒ of open world post-soviet territory, with basically nothing but some painkillers, a bandage and an empty backpack.

Right now you are pretty save, there’s no one around and you are well fed, but problems will start soon enough and then it is all about survival. For example if it starts to rain, you’ll get wet. Being exposed to rain for too long causes your body temperature to drop and results in a cold or an infection. With a cold your body will shake and with an infection you will sneeze & cough and lose health. The best thing to do is get somewhere inside and don’t get wet at all. Next problem ๐Ÿ™‚ to get inside you’ll have to find a house which is likely to find in a populated area. Thing with populated areas in Chernanus is, you won’t find a living soul there…but many infected roaming the streets.
So you got wet and need to heat up. How do you accomplish this task with no materials to e.g. start a fire. You get the drift ๐Ÿ™‚ And this is only staying warm. Your character needs to eat and drink regularly. Your only choice is to carefully head into the villages & towns to search for loot that might keep you alive for another day…if your lucky. Because there are two different enemies that try to prevent you to make it another day.

First, the obious ones. As soon as you approach houses you’ll notice all kinds of walking deads nearby. Depending on how careful you move you’ll get noticed or not. You can lay low and crawl without making a noise or you can run and be seen like a lighthouse in pitch black night. The zombies make nasty sounds that really freak you out, especially when you crawled all the way into a building, hoping to find useful loot (being frustrated because there were only empty tin cans) and you hear loads of zombies growling and moaning as they pass the only door. Once zombies discovered you have three options: run, die or fight. Usually it’s one of the first two ๐Ÿ™‚ because if you’re lucky to have a gun already, every gunshot will attract more zombies and is more of a last resort option.

Second, other players. You are not the only one trying to survive, so eventually you will meet other players. “Oh great, other players…one is always stronger in a team than alone” That might be the truth, but first of all you’ll have to figure out if that player you met is a Mr Nice Guy or a so called bandit. Bandits are player who have murdered other players for loot…or fun. I mean, this is the freakin zombie apocalypse, anything can happen. I experienced that a “Shoot first, ask later” mentality has established on the servers and after being shot several times although being unarmed and approaching as friendly as possible, the next player I see gets some lead ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry bro!

“So why is it so important to stay alive? Can’t you respawn?” – No, you can’t! And that makes this game so thrilling, realistic and frustrating at the same time. Once you’re dead you’ve got to start all over again. So many times I felt like deleting this game because I had a great character with lots of supplies and “boom” – you’re dead. And as it is still an Alpha there are bugs that sometimes make you lose your stuff or life, but hey…it’s an alpha and already awesome! So I can’t wait until it is finished! And no, I’m not deleting the game, because each time you die you also want to know: can I do better this time? And make experiences like this one

After 4 days of surviving on my last character, i finally died. I thought that i would be searching for weapons and supplies for hours. But i had quite a good start. I started at one of the spawns and instead of running across the coast like i usually do, i decided to run over a hill. I spotted a fire station and ran straight into it. I found an AKM (i think that’s what it’s called) and a nice amount of ammo. Within 5 minutes i found a town and looted the supermarket for binoculars, a watch, an ALICE pack, and some food and water.

When i found a cafe, i walked upstairs and to my horror, i found a dead player. This instantly made me think to get out of the town ASAP, but i had not searched any of the other buildings yet. Determined to find items but worried at the same time, i slowly moved into each building expecting to get a clip emptied into my face. I went back to the supermarket to double check if i had missed anything. As soon as i looked out the back of the supermarket…. Another dead body. It was now time for me to leave this town, seeing as it was the luckiest start i have had while playing this game!

For those who haven’t played ArmA2. Not only that there’s a huge open world with 30% accessible buildings, mountains and forests…there is also a weather and day/night cycle. It’s being used by militaries all over the world as simulator software and now, your first zombie apocalypse simulator ๐Ÿ˜€ you can shoot, loot, kill, die, make fire, set traps, hunt & gut animals, set up tents, use maps, repair vehicles, drive, fly…you name it!

Now that I watched most of all the episodes of the survival shows I wrote about a few months ago (A quick review of 5 survival shows), except Bear Grylls and Malcom Douglas (can’t stand Bear Grylls and can’t find Malcom Douglas ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ), I’ve been looking out for new stuff and found a great show. There are three seasons and two concepts behind this show.

In the first season, The Alaska Experiment, four groups were dropped off in the Alaskan wilderness with directions to their individual shelters, each a day trip away. Their goal is to survive 90 days totally on their own with little supplies found in the shelters and winter about to set in. The supplies are some basic tools, a wood stove, canning utilities to preserve food and some food rations (which won’t provide any fat or protein). So they have to improve their shelters, cut firewood and most importantly hunt & gather food (Since they all are mostly city slickers they do get a basic training in how to fire a rifle and gut an anima)l. Of course this ain’t easy and there are many obstacles: rough terrain, bears, wolfs, storms, illnesses, end of the salmon run etc.

The second season is called Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experimentย in which 9 people have to find their way “out of the wild”. It is a month long journey through rough landscape, again with winter setting in, from shelter to shelter. The shelters vary from full blown hunting huts equipped with some food and firewood to a pile of rocks or an airplane wreck offering minimum protection. During those stays again they have to hunt for food, fish or gather berries. While the groups in the first season had a fixed location and the opportunitiy to settle in, this team is always on the move, but with the same tasks. Soon the exhaustion is taking it’s toll and more volunteers bail out, pushing the button on their emergency gps beacon which summons a rescue helicopter to evacuate them.
The journey by the way begins with a drop off at a pile of stuff, some things more useful than others and it is key to pick the right amount of items, because everthing has to be carried.

Those are the two different concepts and both are very interesting to watch! I’ve only seen bits and pieces of the third season, but those were already very promising. This time it’s Out of the Wild: Venezuela, again nine volunteers who’ll have to work as a team to get out of the jungle.

Checkout a little sneak peak on youtube

In February 2011 a friend showed me “THE” trailer of Dead Island and I was blown away ๐Ÿ™‚ this game had to be awesome. Soon more info leaked and I was sure to buy this game as soon as possible. As we all know things never go the way you expect them to go, so instead of September I got it a few weeks ago.

The game takes place on the fictional but nontheless beautiful island of Banoi, a holiday paradise. At the beginning you can choose out of four different characters, each with its own biographies and skills. Once I chose to be “Sam B.”, a one-hit-wonder rap star but quite a tough guy, I woke up in a room of the Royal Palms Resort, only to find the hotel pretty much devestated. On your way out of the building you have a first encounter with zombies, luckily you get rescued by other survivors who’ll take you to the life guard station down at the beach. From there on your mission is pretty clear: find a way out of this zombie apocalypse! To finally get of the island you have to do many quests as the plot evolves.

First, you have to fight your way to a life guard tower which, as a fenced complex, functions as your first home base in the game. Once you clear out the complex, the group of fellow survivors moves in. By talking to them you’ll get assigned to many different quests. There are important quests which will bring the plot forward and side quests which you can do for fun and experience points. Yes! Although a First Person Shooter you can gather XP and deploy them to certain skills.

There are plenty of quests and vary from “find out if ย my husband is ok” to “gather supplies and gas at this gas station” over to “finish an SOS sign made out of suitcases on a hill”….does sound a little like “go out, kill zombies and bring something back” to you? You’re right, and I must admit I skipped a few side quests during the end of the game, but hey, still a great game ๐Ÿ™‚

And here’s another reason why: how many ways to kill a zombie? Well Dead Island covers quite a lot. You can use many different things as weapons: baseball bats, hammers, iron rods, knives, broomsticks, paddles. Of course there are axes, machetes, sickles, shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, grenades, molotovs. You can crush skulls, amputate limbs, set them on fire, blow’em up, throw knives at them, run them over with a car….you can even (neat little detail) get the special skill to stomp on a zombie’s head once you brought him down.

You better be careful and take care of your weapons though…ammo is scarce (at least at the beginning) and your melee weapons wear down after bashing to many heads. Luckily you can repair or even mod/upgrade your weapons at a workbench. Now here’s a little detail which I didn’t like. Out in the zombie world one can gather many usefull things e.g. duct tape, batteries etc. You can also gather money….and with this money you go to a workbench and repair your items…”WHAT???” – Yes! You don’t see anybody walking around in Fallout repairing at a workbench with money, unless there is a person who fixes it for you.
While we’re at it, I don’t like the way you can restore health in Dead Island. There are medkits of course, which is fine, but more often you heal yourself by drinking energydrinks or eating fruits…I mean “Come on!” The only unrealistic thing in a zombie game should be the zombie apocalypse, everything else should fairly realistic.

Apart from the last two mentioned details Dead Island still kicks ass! The successor Dead Island: Riptide is already announced, where it will take place or any other details isn’t out yet.

If you haven’t seen anything yet, watch the famous trailer now!

Last Light – Enter the Metro is a moody short film following the post-nuclear scenario of the game Metro: Last Lightย which should appear 2013. Metro: Last Light will be the long anticipated sequel to Metro 2033ย which was released in 2010. I got Metro 2033 on my list for a blogpost itself, so stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve done it again ๐Ÿ™‚ I just backed Dead State, a zombie survival game,ย on Kickstarterย with 15 $ which entitles me to a downloadable copy of the game once it’s finished (Hooray, can’t wait, but backers of to be patient). Dead State will be an RPG set in the fictional town of Splendid, Texas. You and your group of survivors have barricaded in the school of Splendid. You, as the leader of the group, can assign jobs to e.g. fortify the shelter or assign someone as a chef (which leads to a boost of morale because of better food etc.). Eventually you will have to head out to scavenge for supplies.
Interaction between you and NPCs is a key factor during gameplay. In general, the focus of this game is you and the fight for survival in general, not the zombie killing itself. If you have to kill zombies (rest assured it definately will happen), it is going to happen round based which I, as a great fan of Fallout and Jagged Alliance, think is great. A fog of war will add extra moody atmosphere…but why am I talking/writing all this….DoubleBear Productions has made a very informative video

You can make your pledge right here:

So after reviewing the comic books and tv show of “The Walking Dead” now it is time to mention something about the spanking new computer game by Telltale Games. It is an adventure game set in the zombie apocalypse of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead.

You get to play as Lee Everett, who’s about to serve his sentence in a Georgia prison outside Atlanta. When the cop hit’s a zombie prison all of a sudden is not a big deal anymore. Now it is time to talk to & rescue people,ย make the right decisions, smack some zombies in the head with a hammer (or a screwdriver, or an axe, or a car, or….) and solve the occasional puzzle. This will happen over 5 episodes, from which at this time you can play the first straight away. The other four will be available to you on a monthly basis.

So what’s my opinion on this? Hmm, I am not completly satisfied so far, but on the other side it was only the first episode I played. I like the idea of a zombie adventure game and some features were quite nice, but I am expecting more in the next four episodes to make it worth my 25 bucks.

Survival eBook Library

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Sorry, the link has been closed and I can’t provide a new one or upload the content (as I am not the owner) somwhere else.

A few weeks ago I blogged about Doomsday Preppers and now I stumbled upon a massive archive of free to download eBooks about the whole survival topic. So from “building your own fallout shelter” to desert survival, from “which wild plants are edible” to military manuals….it is huge! Go check it out here

Disclaimer: I don't take any responsibility for the content provided.

I have been awefully busy in the past few weeks but I experienced some post apocalyptic media during these weeks which I have to share. One of the stuff was a movie called “The Day of the Triffids” (2009) and it was to be honest with you not too bad, but not too good either. In this case I’d still recommend it as a nice Sunday Sober-up Entertainment ๐Ÿ™‚

In the near future huge farms of so called Triffids have saved the earth from global warming, as the plant’s oil provides a renewable source of energy instead of using fossil fuels. The slight disadvantage of growing millions of Triffids world wide is they are extremely aggressive, poisonous, carnivorous and can move….”Wait a second! They can move?”…yes they can bei somehow “walking” on their roots, oh and they communicate aswell. But don’t worry, they are safely tucked away in heavily guarded greenhouses…oh wait, not that heavily guarded as one day some kind of weird activist gains access to mess around with the plantation.
By pure coincidence a massive solar flare occurs the same day. All those people who look up the sky in excited anticipation of beautiful aurora borealis are blinded by a bright flash. Only a few people who had luck and didn’t look straight into the light are spared from this horrible fait and from now on are called as “sighted”.

One of them is the weird activist. Not among them: the guards in the plantation. Of course the Triffids escape and start feeding on the easiest available prey: blind humans (and sighted ones who are stupid enough to get eaten by giant orchids ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Actually when I write down this stuff it seems like a cheap flick…still I had fun watching it. It has a nice post-apocalyptic setting and marauding gang leaders claiming to be king of the wasteland, a scientist and his crew who try to defeat both threats: the gang and the triffids. See for yourself!

This is the 1962 trailer ๐Ÿ™‚ I still got to see that one. I love these old movies, especially the narrators in the trailers ๐Ÿ˜€

Oh and FYI: no, the solar storm doesn’t cause a power failure in this scenario!